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Structural Design

Cockeysville MD

Five Level Office Building: Steel frame, masonry shear walls and shallow foundation

Religious and Community Center

Swan Point Beach Club-Corkill Cush Reeves

Baltimore, MD

Seven Level Office Building on Auger Cast Piles

Custom Stair Design

Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Revit

Finite Element Structural Analysis

Tilt Up Concrete Design

Site Walls

Airport Runway Structures

TEC’s unique approach to our work separates us from our competitors and makes the design process an enjoyable and collaborative one. Our seasoned staff of engineers and drafters applies best common practice, economic consideration, sustainability, and labor impacts into every decision we make.

  • TEC designs a very wide range of traditional buildings including, high rise spec office, mixed-use, airport terminals, warehouses, hospitals, retail centers, and multi and single-family residential structures.
  • We also provide design services for specialty structures such as site retaining walls, culverts, shoring, diversion chambers, manholes, tower foundations, custom stairs, aluminum curtain wall, screen walls, and cold formed metal framing.

Structural Design Projects by Location

Lehigh Airport Terminal Additional and Intermodal Canopies

Roam Fitness at BWI

National Airport-Terminal A Catwalks

Dulles Airport-Turkish Airlines

Swan Point Beach Club

Sheppard University Pavilion

Simcare Connellsville

Jailbreak Brewing Company

Project type: Renovation. We did all sorts of stuff to this building.

LIMA-Airfield Electrical Vault

New RTU's LSG Sky Chefs

Arat Kilo Restuarant


Aluminum Sunroom

Residential Addition

Three Unit Townhouse

Sunroom and Deck Design

second floor expansion, rear addition, front façade change

Residential addition and railing attachment

Residential underpinning, rear addition, deck

curtainwall design and attachment

two story addition and renvoation, rear deck, areaway

community center, one story, wood stud wall, tji roof

Oliver Brewing Company

Schematic Design of Tennis Center

Patapsco Waste Water Treatment: Specialty Structure Design and Contractor Support

BWI-DY Renovation, strengthening, LFRS, shear wall, addition

Building 112 renovation, ramps, masonry lintel

BWI DX Terminal Additions

Dulles Substations renovation, metal building, repair

Nextcar/Payless Rental Car Facility

National Airport-Surge Tank-Addition to Dedidcated Fire Service Building

Dulles Sky Chefs new rtu, joist analysis

brewery, feasibility

Black Flag Brewing Company: Structural modificatons to existing building Brewery and roof top equipment

Oliver Brewing Company

Peer Review

Exterior wall renovation

9 Level Office Building

7 level office building

5 story office building

Kaiser Permanente Quarterfield Curtainwall

Lakeview Towers Storefront

Johns Hopkins Hospital-Executive Health Curtain wall

Nantucket Elementary School Curtain wall

NICU-Medstar Franklin Curtain wall

prefab aluminum system sunroom design

Northrop Grumman Curtain wall

WR Grace Curtain wall

Curtain wall design

Roger Carter Recreation Center Curtain Wall

United Sortation Solutions: Two story addition and Metal Building addition

Sinai Schoeneman Imaging

Sinai Nc Med Rm 4 and Rm 1

peer review, contract analysis

Peer Review

rowhome baltimore addition roof top deck helical piles

home, DC, rowhome, third floor expansion, rear deck

LVL sizing, barn columns, new residence

house renovation and addition

Retail: underpinning and renovation

reconstruction of four unit apartment building, wood frame

rear addition and deck interior renovation

remove bearing walls for beams and columns, rear addition, deck site retaining walls

residential renovation

remove bearing walls for beams and columns, rear addition, deck site retaining walls

lower basement slab, area way, rear deck, remove bearing walls for beams

georgetown, historic renovation, wood frame

lower basement slab, area way, rear deck, remove bearing walls for beams

metal stair design residential

residential renovation

residential renovation

three story addition and renovation of single family home with rear deck

three story addition, rear deck

new exterior opening, feature stair framing

bearing wall removal, brace panel column and footing repair

single family addition, indoor pool

Rowhome three story rear additon, new area way stairs, lower basement slab

Rowhome rear addition, deck, site walls, lower basement slab

single family renovation, replace bearing walls with beams

rowhome, first floor complete reframing

three story addition, rear deck at rowhome

row home renovation, lowever slab, sump and drainage

rowhome, lower basement slab, replace bearing walls with beams, rear deck

row home renovation and addition

Residential renovation, remove bearing wall and replace with beams and columns

Renovation and three story addition of row home

residential steel stair

Lower existing column footings

single family, trusses, additions, area way, basement wall repair

Replacement of walls with beams

Residential addition

interior shoring, removal of walls, new beams

lower floor slab, revmove bearing walls replace w beams

lower floor slab, revmove bearing walls replace w beams

Three unit, three story, townhome development, TJI, roof top deck, moment frame

Residential Entrance Canopy Design

sunroom special design post up from low shear walls, tree damage

second floor expansion, rear addition, front façade change

addition and railing attachment

replace bearing wall w beams

residential lintel design

addition and renovation, trusses, elevate floor

two story addition and renvoation, rear deck, areaway

second floor expansion

remove ex bearing wall and replace with beam

additions and renovations to single family residence

Three story rear addition and underpinning of rowhome

replacement of walls with beams in single family home

stair relocation, two story addition, roof top tower and deck

Repairs of sunroom walls and supports

Structural consultation during interior renovation

two, one story retail buildings

four, one story retail buildings

Restaurant Renovation: kitchen hood, roof top units, wood repair

Restaurant Renovation: kichen hood support

Analysis of existing structure for occupancy changes, certification letter for permit

Senceca Creek Church elevator in two story building

renovation, wood, brick bearing, RTU

renovation, mansard, ramps, stairs, opening infill

building renovation

Conversion of restaurant to surgery center

Conversion of office building to surgery center,

Specialty Structure Design and Contractor Support

light pole footing

Drainage Structure Modification, VDOT, drawings and calculations

Schematic Design of roof top deck

Site Retaining Walls

concrete mse keystone site walls

mse, keystone, site wall design, specs

joist modification floor openings

car wash, rtu support, renovation

Johns Hopkins University Homewood Coffee Lab

McCormick Renovation

Tenant Fit Out

renovation for imaging suite CT MRI X-ray

Tenant fit out, file cabinet, RTU

T Rowe Price UPS

Sinai ER7 Peds

RTU and Curb adapter analysis of existing structure

roof top mechanical unit design, joist reinforcing

underpinning, rear addition, deck

underpinning design

Underpinning and lowering of slab of rowhome

Hysteria Brewery

Leverage Jiu-Jitsu

RTU Tenant Fit out

Allegis Tenant Fitout

Underpinning and renovation

Tenant fit out, roof top units, joist reinforcing

Tenant fit out, Roof top units, joist reinforcing

RTU on existing

RTU, joist reinforcing

Vehicle Impact

fire damage repair drawings

fire damage investigation

water damage, investigation, report, repair

residential infill

review of screen wall extension

concrete site walls

aluminum and glass railing connection

Roof top unit, renovation

hail damage roof joist replacement historic home

window tilt wall, folding partition

rtu support new openings

tenant fit out. Roof top equipment support

aluminum cover plate design

Underpinning repair

pre engineered foundation

I Joist Repair fire damage

investigation walkthrough with building manager

tenant fit out. Exercise equipment support

BWI Substation

Oil Water Separator

existing property condition assessment

Analysis and reinforcing of structure

review of installed beams

fire damage investigation

fire investigation and report

Capitol Cider House fitout

Shoring steel deck for wet weight of concrete

new 2850 single story bldg

renovation and addition

infill, renovation, skin replacement, canopy

adaptive reuse of old factory to house new brewery, taproom, restaurant, and welcome center

20 Unit apartment building

glass parapet wall

Concrete formwork shop drawings

renovation, interior bearing wall modifications

curtainwall design

RTU existing roof

railings and vanity support

roof top units, condensing units, existing building


piping risers through concrete slab

folding partition walls, floor openings, composite beam

apartment building

tenant fit out, RTU-3

renovation, interior bearing wall modifications

renovation, brewery, fit out bar joist

Opening in load bearing wall

shoring contractor assistance

contractor assistance, peer review

curtainwall design

industrial framework design, mezzanine

expansion joint repair

steel, aluminum and glass canopy

tenant fitout mezzanine, cfmf

Transfer girder design

Stick built roof review, plywood stair stringer review

tenant fit out. Exercise equipment support

renovation for imaging suite CT MRI X-ray

UPS server room, floor leveling and openings

storefront design and shop drawings

modification of hydrant fueling

Oil Water Separator

roof top unit

RTU, joist reinforcing

Façade renovations

shoring contractor assistance

roof top unit

Site boardwalk

link building with balconies and adaptive reuse of four story building

Mechanical renovation of existing church

Footing Detail

new roof top safety anchors

new restaurant in existing building

shoring and calc sheet for concrete garage

Slab infill- existing structure cast in place concrete

Wood framed community center

Additional level to existing home

Openings in bearing walls

cabinet platform removal, folding partition

terminal expansion

parking lot canopy

foundation for sea container

Feasibility Study for new tennis center level on existing garage

Assessment and feasiblity of retail row building

cast in place wall revision

new car wash and offices

feasibility study and assessment

feasibility study and assessment

Feasibility Study

Residential renovation and expansion

bearing wall removal, post and beam

renovation expansion of single family home

assesment, feasibility for solar panels on steel framed roof

mezzanine in existing space

new communicating stair

renovation, wood, brick bearing, RTU

curtainwall design

mechanical unit replacement

new rtu and lintel

repairs and strengthening to brick and wood frame

heavy equipment support for tenant fitout.

Review of low slump concrete

7 level office building, composite steel beam floors, steel braced frame and auger cast piles

Underpinning repair

pre engineered foundation

façade renovations

renovation and area way for day care center

window tilt wall, folding partition

aluminum and glass railing connection

observe existing foundation wall repairs

Opening in load bearing wall

RTU existing roof

rtu on bar joist roof

Bearing wall review for kitchen remodel

screen wall for dumpsters on grade

house addition

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